Social Marketing

Social marketing is an approach that uses commercial marketing methods to promote and sell subsidised health products and services to low-income populations. Social Marketing has been widely used in the field of HIV prevention (condoms), family planning (contraceptives and social franchising of FP clinics), malaria prevention (mosquito nets) and treatment (social franchising of clinics providing rapid test and appropriate treatment), and prevention of water-borne disease (water disinfection solutions). Social marketing of services often uses commercial franchising methods or voucher schemes to promote the utilisation of health services.

EPOS’ experience in social marketing programmes spans more than 25 years and employs a combination of branded and non-branded, as well as mass media and interpersonal communications strategies to reinforce the behaviour change messages. Social marketing programmes developed by EPOS, in partnership with local health systems and services, have proven to be a very powerful means of encouraging people to adopt and maintain healthier behaviours.

From 2005 to 2012, EPOS provided technical assistance to the KfW funded Social Marketing of Contraceptives Project in Senegal. This project, which developed a new brand of condoms targeting the youth, resulted in a significant increase of condom distribution and encompassed all stages of the social marketing life cycle.

  • Market and segmentation analyses

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Communication Plan

  • Social Marketing trainings

  • Design of distribution systems

  • Qualitative studies and research

Project References:

Mongolia Green Week