Inclusion of Vulnerable and Disadvantaged People

We strongly advocate inclusion of the vulnerable and disadvantaged during planning and implementation of our health sector strengthening projects to ensure that they move towards achieving a status equal to that of the more privileged sections of society.

The underlying reasons of vulnerability are assessed and appropriate policy development facilitated.  An analytical framework is included along with solutions that focus on available resources and implementation of sustainable solutions. Such an approach is important as vulnerability can be transient or permanent, with ongoing vulnerability becoming a disadvantage that ultimately leads to social exclusion.

Our success stories include Bangladesh where our team ensured health communication campaigns among the disadvantaged and vulnerable population living in slums in three city corporations to increase awareness of rights to access healthcare and where such services were available.

In Cambodia, EPOS strengthened vital elements in the development of an effective social health protection system through vouchers. This included selection and determination of future project beneficiaries based on criteria developed for identification of the poor.