Health and Nutrition

EPOS has acquired extensive experience in health consulting services, such as promoting health policy development and fostering capacity development in health-related issues including nutrition. Poor nutrition, either through lack of food or poor diet, can cause irreparable and life-long physical and mental damage leading to poor performance of pupils (attendance, merit) and consequently low levels of education. Without healthy nutrition, development opportunities are reduced or even halted completely if malnutrition negatively affects the foetus or children before the age of two.

Since 2009, we have taken an active role in focusing on the development and delivery of nutrition programmes and policies. Beginning with a GIZ funded programme supporting the Ministry of Health in the implementation of sector reform and SWAP, our focus on nutrition programmes includes advising on policies, human resources development in the health sector and strengthening basic health services.

We strive to build partnerships with state and central ministries in order to reduce the cost overload and maximise use of public and donor resources. This enables us to improve structures and procedures at cost centre level, districts and central hospitals allowing for more focused, effective and efficient implementation of programmes.

Our work facilitates awareness campaigns on risky behaviour practices, such as consuming a high-fat diet, and develops information materials ranging from healthy eating manuals education programmes, and communication campaigns on nutrition.

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