Vouchers for Reproductive Health Services and Health Services to Vulnerable Groups Phase II – Procurement of Maternal and New Born Care (MNBC) equipment

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
KfW (KfW Development Bank)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 120,522
Description of Project: 

The German Development Cooperation has been supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Cambodia in the provision of reproductive health services and services to vulnerable groups across six provinces as part of the project - 'Vouchers for Reproductive Health Services and Health Services to Vulnerable Groups'. The Health Equity Fund (HEF) system, which is the national health protection mechanism for the poor, took over the services package related to safe motherhood in June 2016 while the remaining voucher services were phased out around December 2017. The voucher project aims for full integration of supported healthcare services in the HEF scheme and to ensure adequate supply side readiness.

KfW extended assistance to the MoH for the voucher project by supporting the procurement of equipment for hospitals across the six provinces. An equipment needs assessment for essential and comprehensive new-born and delivery care was undertaken by EPOS in the hospitals across the six provinces in January 2018. A detailed report was prepared along with recommendations on Maternal and New Born Care (MNBC) equipment needs and related tentative costs and pre-conditions for the procurement of comprehensive recommended equipment.

The objective of the assignment is to assist the MoH in the final planning, procurement, installation and commissioning of medical and non-medical equipment required by the hospitals for comprehensive new-born and delivery care.

Description of Services: 

Finalization of the medical and non-medical equipment list and procurement process, preparation and review of Bill of Quantities (BoQ) with the MoH and technical specifications and preparation of administrative tender documents
Medical and non-medical equipment procurement and installation: tender process, financial and technical tender evaluation, contract approval and signing, warehousing, shipping and delivery, installation, sample testing and commissioning and preparation of user acceptance of equipment
General tasks and reporting: assistance in overall project management and coordination, reporting to KfW and MoH (including the tender evaluation report and equipment acceptance report)

Project Volume: 
€ 120,522