Health Management Information System (HMIS)

An efficient and effective Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) is critical to both the healthcare system and to people’s health by providing the system and data central for policy planning, setting of targets and policy implementation. It requires the availability of, access to, and analysis of accurate and adequate information that address district, national and institutional development as well as implementation challenges. For sustainability, HMIS must consider local settings when it is designed.

EPOS works with governments and donors to help build up information systems to meet their needs. We have established an Information and Communication Technology Competence Centre (ICTCC) offering a range of both strategic and operational IT and HMIS services:

• Development and Implementation of District, National and Hospital Information Systems

• HIS Policy Development, based on review of existing systems

• Health Information Strategies and Frameworks

• Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, including survey tools and institutional capacity building

• Introduction of Electronic Human Resource Management Systems

• Training of Health Decision Makers in the use of Data/Information


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