Gary Asperas

Senior Consultant and Project Manager


As project manager, Gary Asperas is currently responsible for two EU-funded projects on human resources and reproductive health in Yemen. He also has served as consultant on a number of short-term assignments working as a research supervisor for a costing study in Malawi and as a financing expert looking at social protection mechanisms in Vietnam. He maintains a broad range of technical expertise covering health policy development, health financing and health systems strengthening.

Before joining EPOS in 2008, Gary worked for community financing projects in the Philippines where he gained extensive experience in social health insurance, community health development and health systems management. He was project manager and technical developer to a German-funded rural-based health insurance programme where he was engaged in local health systems development and synergizing local and national health insurance schemes.

Gary holds a European Master’s degree in international health, specializing in health policy and health systems management. His native language is Filipino and he is fluent in English.