Cezara Ciorici

Consultant and Project Manager


Cezara Ciorici currently holds the position of Consultant and Project Manager and is working as a short-term expert for the EU-funded projects “Technical Cooperation Programme to the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan” and “Technical Assistance to Support the Strengthening of the Health Information System in Tajikistan”. Her experience encompasses the full scope of EU-procedures including procurement, invoicing and budgeting.

Cezara has been involved in project management for the past 12 years, spending the past ten with EPOS concentrating on the areas of accounting and finance, health promotion and disease prevention, and public relations management. She also served as project coordinator for KfW and ADB funded projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Cezara holds a degree in international economic relations and is currently in the Masters of Public Policy and Management Programme at the University of London’s Centre for Financial and Management Studies. In addition to being a Romanian native speaker, she is fluent in English and Russian, has working proficiency in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian as well as general French speaking capabilities.