Safe Blood Transfusion Project

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
KfW (KfW Development Bank)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 1,396,083
Partner Organisations: 
GOPA Consultants; Mediconsult
Description of Project: 

In accordance with the Millennium Development Goals the combat against Transfusion Transmitted Infections (TTS`s) such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C has become a priority area in the Pakistani Health policy. It is estimated that unsafe blood transfusions account for app. 10% of the HIV infections. Furthermore transmission of Hepatitis B and C has become an even greater morbidity risk of the current transfusion practices.
Based on a feasibility study conducted in 2007, the German Government launched a TC/ FC Co-operation project to improve the blood transfusion system especially with regard to the establishment & strengthening of the organization, and a new law and national standards on the one hand and the establishment of a network of Regional Blood Centres (RBCs) and hospital based blood banks (HBBs) on the other.
The overall objective of the FC Safe Blood Transfusion Project was to contribute to the development of an independent, national, safe and efficiently operated blood transfusion service in Pakistan which enables safe blood transfusions especially for the poorer population. To this end, KfW made available EUR 15 million. The Financial Co-operation (FC) comprised investment measures for civil works, equipment, and a management information system covering all five provinces and the state of AJK. Investment accompanying measures focused on capacity building in the correct use and maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment, in blood bank management and quality assurance as well as in voluntary blood donation. The FC activities built on work already implemented under the TC Component, particularly in the areas of training and voluntary blood donation campaign.

Description of Services: 

The Consultant provided assistance to the MoNHS and the Planning and Development Division (P&DD) as well as the Health Departments of Sindh, Punjab, KP, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK in project execution and management. The activities under the investment and the accompanying measures covered:

  • Needs assessment for infrastructure, equipment, MIS and capacity building;
  • Selection of 10 RBCs to be constructed and equipped within the frame of the project as well as up to 60 HBBs to be equipped;
  • Preparation of a functional brief and functional planning of the RBCs and HBBs;
  • Design, tendering, contracting and supervision of construction works;
  • Planning, specification, tendering, contracting, delivery, pre-installation works for and installation of medical and non-medical equipment, including waste management equipment for the selected RBCs and HBBs;
  • Procurement, delivery, installation and testing of a management information system for blood banks;
  • Specification, tendering and procurement of consumables for the RBCs;
  • Specification, tendering and procurement of vehicles;
  • Funds disbursement (disposition fund, simplified direct disbursement, global disbursement) and financial monitoring;
  • Development of a maintenance system for infrastructure and equipment and a corresponding training programme;
  • Training needs assessment;
  • Organisation and supervision of training in the use and maintenance of the newly installed equipment;
  • Capacity building in blood bank management;
  • Mobilisation of a voluntary blood donation campaign based on a concept to be provided by TC.
Project Volume: 
€ 2,100,464