Health Programme (Mother and Child Health Programme Phase I) - Consulting services for Investment and Accompanying Measures

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
KfW (KfW Development Bank)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 1,080,744
Partner Organisations: 
GOPA Consultants; Irfat C; ETLog
Description of Project: 

The objective of this German financial co-operation project was to support the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in modernising and rationalising hospital structures in order to improve the health status of the population. This has been achieved, among other interventions, through the provision of improved mother and child health (MCH) services in the Khatlon province, thereby helping the country to reach the Millennium Development Goals IV and V.

Investment Measures of the Health Programme supported the renovation and equipment of the MCH related departments (obstetrics, neonatology and gynaecology) and related support services of four Central District Hospitals in the province.

Accompanying Measures developed Hospital Master Plans which included Hospital Rationalisation and Optimisation Concepts adapted to the situation of the country. Furthermore training was provided focussing on clinical user training, building and equipment maintenance, hospital management and waste management. A twinning arrangement with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas, Lithuania, was concluded to support training of medical personnel.

Description of Services: 

 The Consultant provided support to the Ministry of Health in the following areas:

  • Needs assessment and concept development for hospital rationalisation plan (individual hospital master plans embedded in the overall rationalisation efforts in Khatlon oblast);
  • Civil works planning, tendering, contracting and supervision;
  • Equipment tendering, installation and user training;
  • Support to programme management;
  • Development and support of the implementation of hospital management training, clinical training for routine and emergency procedures, building and equipment maintenance training and training on waste management. 


Project Volume: 
€ 1,734,742