Thank You For Helping Us Support Public Health in Yemen

Monday, July 4, 2016

Through EPOS’ ‘social coins’ campaign at the end of last year, your involvement in helping EPOS select where to attribute €3,000 goodwill funding will result in the extension of school healthcare clinics in Yemen. Under Yemen’s School Health Program (SHP), supported by AWAN - a non-governmental organisation established in 2011 and registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Yemen - eight new schools in Sana’a will be able to establish school clinics.

This initiative extends an existing SHP, which has been adopted by the MoPHP and is based on a World Health Organisation designed model. EPOS’ €3,000 donation will go towards creating eight new health clinics in targeted schools. These clinics will support interventions in several important health areas to students at elementary and high school levels. Through established public-private partnerships, AWAN will be able to initiate new school clinics where students and  teachers receive basic first aid, hygiene supplies, or OTC medicines like analgesics, under supervision for common complaints. Further health advice will also be provided from trained peers or teachers as well as first aid training.

The impact of school clinics is wide-reaching as Yemen has a young population where school pupils constitute around 30% of the population. Schools are considered an important gathering area where health interventions can target a) the school population (average 3000 pupil in Yemen) and b) the surrounding population.

Throughout the country, the need for healthy practices and safety at educational  institutions is high and available donor-driven pilots have been sporadic and of intermittent or short durations. By engaging public-private partnerships for the procurement and fulfilment of supplies and medicine, AWAN overcomes the sustainability challenges which local communities often face.

AWAN is determined to support sustainable development and to respond to the needs of Yemeni community, with emphasis on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, mainly in the areas of Health, Education and Democracy, by delivering well formulated, client-focused projects and activities that encompass service provision, awareness raising, capacity development and communication.